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7th Century to Swinging Naughties - Famous British Icons

England and Britain are famous worldwide for its many British Icons from Boudeca, Queen Chief of the Iceni Tribe, Football, Mini Skirt to the Mini Car and I thought I would tell its British history and list some of the most famous Icons from the 7th Century to the present day. British Icon's have dominated the world with British Royalty, British Music, British Fashion, British Movie Stars, British Saints, British Buildings, British inventions, British Discoveries and British Sports.

The UK, Great Britain, Albion, this Sceptred Isle - however you refer to this small island perched up on the north western edge of the European continent, one thing that is undeniable is that nowhere else on Earth, from any country, has there been such a massive global impact.

Whether in the form of symbols of power as with the British Union Flag, in the guise of the person as with W. Churchill or Princess Diana, or in the form of chic design, as with the mini and mini-skirt in the Swinging Sixties, The Beatles, or the simple yet powerful Oasis logo from the Britpop era of the Nineties, British icons have been at both the forefront and in the background of history, decorating the past and how we perceive it.

In taking a closer look at our British Icons and history, hopefully you can gain a better understanding of the United Kingdom, its people, and what makes us tick.

Below is a list of my favourite British Icons:

  1. King Alfred The Great
    2) Boudeca, Queen Chief of the Iceni Tribe
    3) King Edward the Confessor ( I am Related to )
    4) Queen Elizabeth the 1st
    5) Queen Victoria
    6) Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

    7) William Shakespeare
    8) Charles Dickens
    9) Agatha Christie ( Author of Miss Marple and Poiret )
    10) J.K Rowling ( Author of the Harry Potter Books )
    11) Sir Terry Pratchett ( Author of the Disc World Books )
    12) James Herbert ( Horror Story writer of many novels including The Rats )
    13) Sir Christopher Wren ( I am related to )
    13b) Sir Isambard Kingdom Brunel
    13c) James Watt ( Inventor of the Steam Engine )
    13d) George Stevenson ( Inventor of the Steam Train )
    13e) Sir Isaac Newton
    13f) Charles Darwin
    14) Rudyard Kipling ( Author of the Jungle Book )
    14b) H.G. Wells ( Author of The Time Traveller )
    14c) Arthur Conan Doyle ( Author of Sherlock Holmes )
    14d) Bram Stoker ( Author of Count Dracula )
    14e) Mary Shelley ( Author of Frakenstein )
    14) Sir Walter Raleigh
    15) Sir Francis Drake
    16) Duke Of Marlborough
    17) Admiral Lord Nelson
    18) Duke of Wellington
    19) Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
    20) Robert Walpole, 1st. Earl of Orford ( Regarded as the first Prime Minister in the modern sense );
    21) William The Pit The Younger ( introduced the first Income tax )
    22) Charles Grey, The Earl Grey ( restriction of employment of children; reform of the poor Laws, abolition of Slavery )
    23) Sir Robert Peel ( Created the first National Police Force )
    24) Edward Smith -Stanley, The Earl Derby. ( Father of the Conservative party ).
    25) Benjamin Disraeli ( Queen Victoria's favorite Prime Minister )
    26) Sir Winston Churchill ( Saviour of the world by defeating Hitler, Mussolini and Japanese Emporer )
    27) Lady Margarat Thatcher ( First female prime minister and creator of Privatisation ).
    28) The 1966 England World Cup Winning Team
    29) The Portsmouth F.Cup Winning Team from 2008
    30) Sir Ian Botham
    31) David Beckham
    32) Lord Sebastian Coe
    33) Steve Ovett
    34) Virginia Wade
    35) David Bedford
    36) Johnny Wilkinson
    37) Torvil and Dean
    38) Jennifer Ennis
    39) Dame Kelly Holmes
    40) Freddie Mercury
    41) Elton John
    42) Queen
    43) Electric Light Orchestra ( ELO )
    44) The Beatles
    45) Annie Lennox
    45b) Pink Floyd
    45c) Genesis
    46d) The Spice girls
    46) Tom Baker
    47) Lord Olivier
    48) Sir Roger Moore
    49) Cary Grant
    50) Peter Davidson
    51) John Pertwee

British Sports and Other Icons Given To the World


England Football Team

Portsmouth F. C. ( My Favorite Football Club - Pompey )

Sheffield F.C 1857 ( The Oldest Football Club In The World )

Wembley Stadium and Football Association ( Home of Football )

Wimbledon Tennis Championship ( Home of Tennis )

Saint Andrews ( Home Of Golf )

Lords Cricket Ground ( Home of Cricket )

The Jockey Club ( Home of Horse Racing )

Sebastian Coe

Steve Ovett

Steven Redgrave

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

David Beckham

George Best

Lester Piggett

Lewis Hamilton

Ian Botham


Andrew Flintoff

The England 1966 World Cup Winning Football Team


Football / Soccer

English Premier League

American Football - Adapted from English Rugby

Rugby League

Rugby Union





The Boat Race





Table Tennis



Baseball - Adapted from Rounders and Softball

Modern Olympic Games Held from 1846 Village of Wenlock  by Dr. William Penny Brookes

Horse Racing


Show Jumpingarts

Modern Archery

Bar Billiards

Shove A Ha'penny



Yachting and Sailing



Real Tennis

Hovercraft Racing

Field Hockey

Ten Pin




Pigeon Racing

Greyhound Racing

Stag Hunting

Fox Hunting

Otter Hunting


Formula One ( The First Ever Formula One race was Held in England in 1948 )


A to Z British Games and Icons

British Games

Card Sharp




Crossword Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles



Snakes and ladders


Shove Ha'penny

Shoffe Groat

Aunt Sally

Ringing The Bull

Slide thrift



3 Mens Morris


Shut the box




Bat and Ball

Pitch Penny

Toad in Hole Game

English Morris Dancing

The Valentine Card

William Wordsworth

Oxford University 1096

Cambridge University 1209

Haggis - A Dish first seen in a English Receipe Book from 1615 and loved by the Scots

London Hansom Black Cab

First British canal in AD50

Double Decker Buses ( Routemasters )

History of British Post Box

Histoy of British Telephone Box

Cludge Molliers

English Folk Songs

We British Invented the Fizz and Sparkle in Champagne

Scottish, Irish and English Kilts

History of London Stock Exchange

History of English Sterling Silver and Gold Hallmarks 1300 to present

English Language

English Peoples

British Peoples

Welsh Peoples

Irish Peoples

Scottish Peoples

Union Jack

A Compleat Angler by Charles Cotton and Izaac Walton

The Magna Carta

The Doomsday Book

Anglo Saxon Chronicles

English Jury Service

The English Sherriff

The King James Bible



Tower of London's Beefeaters or Yeoman of the Guard

Saint Georges Day Englands Patron Saint

Saint Andrews Day Scotlands Patron Saint

Saint Patrick's Day Ireland's Patron Saint ( Saint Patrick was an Englishman )

Saint Davids Day Welsh Patron Saint

Listing of All Other British Saints

The City of London ( survey found that over 350 languages are spoken in London Schools )

British Telephone Box

Augustus Pugin

Sir Charles Barry

Sir Christopher Wren ( I am a direct descendent )

Carnaby Street

The Iconic English Pub

Houses of Parliament and Big ben

Number 10 Downing Street

Buckingham Palace

Windsor Castle

Oxford Street

Regent Street


London Theatreland

The London Eye

Madame Tussaud Waxworks Museum

Tower Of London

Windsor Castle

Whitechapel ( aka Where Jack The Ripper Killed. aka Mr Tumblety was the Ripper )

To find out more about these British Icons can I suggest to find out more please enter any of the above Icons into a search engine.

Please visit my Funny Animal Art Prints Collection @

My other website is called Directory of British Icons:

The Chinese call Britain 'The Island of Hero's' which I think sums up what we British are all about. We British are inquisitive and competitive and are always looking over the horizon to the next adventure and discovery.

Copyright © 2010 Paul Hussey. All Rights Reserved.

About the Author

My family tree has been traced back to the early Kings of England from the 7th Century AD. I am also a direct descendent of Sir Christopher Wren which has given me an interest in English History and Icons which is great fun to research.

I have recently decided to write articles on my favourite subjects: English Sports, English History, English Icons, English Discoveries and English Inventions.

At present I have written over 100 articles which I call "An Englishman's Favourite Bits Of England" in various Volumes.

Please visit my Blogs page http://Bloggs.Resourcez.Com where I have listed all my articles to date.

Copyright © 2010 Paul Hussey. All Rights Reserved.

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